Veterinary care that your pet deserves anytime, anywhere.

Chat online with a vet or book a physical visit. However you would like to consult a vet, we got you covered.

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One stop platform for your pet’s healthcare.

At Pawlyclinic, we believe in proactive holistic management of your pets' health. We start by making veterinary care omnipresent, simple and efficient.

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Telehealth / telemedicine

Free in-clinic referral

Free medication delivery

Physical appointment booking

Online dispensary

Electronic medical records

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On-demand care when your pet is unwell.

Many minor health concerns can be treated effectively via telehealth. Video-consult a vet for any of these issues.

Diarrhoea & vomiting
Behavioural concerns
Skin & coat issues
Diet & weight loss
Dental problems
Flea & tick
Eyes, ears & nose
Mild limping
Telehealth ends up being unsuitable for your pet’s condition? Don’t worry! Get referred for in-clinic care for free.
If teleconsultation is unsuitable for your pet's condition, you'll be referred to a clinic on our network. Teleconsultation fee is offset against the total in-clinic bill when you have your referral physical examination within 48 hours of the teleconsultation.

Holistic care even when your furkid is healthy.

Comprehensive care takes more than just one physical examination a year. With telehealth, our vets can assess your pet’s health holistically so that you know you’re giving your furkid the best possible quality of life.


See what is being fed to your pet daily

Discuss the best nutrition


Assess your pet’s home life

Obtain insights into overall health status

Relationship with Owner and Family

Observe interaction of your pet with its family

Favourite family member?


Observe pet’s behaviour in its natural state at home

Assess behavioural issues e.g. food guarding, urine marking/spraying, aggression

Mental Health

Observe pet’s normal emotional state in familiar environment

This is usually masked by stress in a clinic setting

Trusted care that puts your pet at the centre.

As pet parents ourselves, we know that you want to give the best to your furkids. So, we asked ourselves why we should be your trusted pet healthcare partner.

The best vets for your pet…

Every pet is unique and every health situation is different. Choose the vet clinic or vet that best suits your pet on Pawlyclinic!

….Right when you need them

We know the anxiety when your furkid is sick; and being told to wait for an available vet doesn’t help. Our vets are there for you whenever you need them!

Access to in-clinic care

Integration with an offline network of established clinics for complete healthcare

Best-in-class team of vets

Vets with significant clinical experience and unique expertise

What happens when telemedicine is unsuitable?

Free referral to any clinic on our network, which will have full teleconsultation notes for continuity of care

From the vet clinics and vets we work with to our app to our customer support, we’ve built everything around you and your furkid!
But don’t just hear it from us!

See what your fellow pet parents have to say about us.

Pawlyclinic was really convenient for me, especially when my dogs fall sick suddenly and it is too last min to secure a slot at our regular clinic. In addition, the time saved on travelling and waiting at the clinic. It was a breeze from making an appointment to the consult to receiving the medication. Strongly recommended!

Gerry Hoong

Simply easy, fuss-free and extremely convenient! What a great platform!

Charmaine Chan

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