Who are we, you ask?

Our founders, Junyong Tong and Dr. Rachel Tong grew up with a mini zoo at home. At any point in time, the brother-sister team and their family had no fewer than ten pets. The first dog they ever adopted was a Shetland Sheepdog named Leslie, who sadly passed away due to nose cancer which was detected too late.

Leslie's death spurred Dr. Rachel to become a vet; and all the family pets since then have been able to lead healthier and happier lives as a result of her knowledge and expertise. But this experience cemented in the founders' minds the importance of taking a proactive approach in managing your pet's health; and it starts with having the right knowledge.

Unfortunately, many pet parents turn to the internet for that knowledge instead of real vet expertise. We get it - it is often impractical or even challenging to make a trip to see the vet every time you have a question about your pet's health.

This is why Pawlyclinic was founded. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of all pets through enabling proactive healthcare. We start by making veterinary care omnipresent, simple and efficient.