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We offer vet practices and vets the opportunity to practise veterinary telemedicine.
Signing up is easy and free! It takes a few minutes to complete; and you only pay a small platform usage fee per appointment.

Practise your best medicine!

Our user-friendly platform enables you to deliver comprehensive and continuous care to pets. A complete solution - all in one platform.

Set your own work schedule
Increase touchpoints with your clients
Provide, store and review all medical records on the platform digitally
Prescribe medications to be dispensed and delivered to your client
Make referrals for in-clinic care and book diagnostics tests for your client’s pet
View and track earnings, which are directly deposited into your bank account

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Augment in-clinic care

Pets will always have a need to see their vet in-person.

Telemedicine does not replace in-clinic veterinary care, but rather helps pet parents to proactively manage their pets’ health in a convenient and effective way.

When you join Pawlyclinic, you are joining a team of vets who are committed to being the first responder when pet parents have a question about their pet’s health or are facing a health situation.

If the pet’s condition is unsuitable for a teleconsultation, vets on Pawlyclinic can simply refer pet parents to the most convenient location out of our network of veterinary clinics for further in-clinic care. In this way, we can ensure continuity of care to pets and end-to-end veterinary services all in one platform!

Why partner with us?

Extend care beyond the walls of your clinic; serve clients virtually anywhere, anytime

Connect with pet owners during after-hours when your practice is closed

Perform teleconsultations during downtime at your clinic

Ease administrative burden on your staff; digitalise physical appointment booking

Provide and get compensated for follow-up in-clinic veterinary services from referrals by Pawlyclinic

No conflict to existing work schedules as you can plan your own!

Deliver high quality care virtually while monetising your free time

Leave the fulfilment of medications and diagnostics tests to us

Earn consultation fee for each appointment you complete

Receive commissions from medicines and lab tests service

Set your own schedule to suit your lifestyle

You’ll only be booked for an appointment within your window of availability

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